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What is OSINT?

Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence based on data gathered from publicly available sources. The term originates from the world of national security intelligence and has spread to the world of competitive intelligence (and to some degree to business intelligence – read more about the difference between business intelligence and competitive intelligence). OSINT is more relevant in the business world than its sister intelligences like HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) because businesses lack the legal authority to conduct most of the collection associated with those.

Why use OSINT

OSINT has numerous applications in business intelligence, including:

  • Smarter hiring
  • Identifying threats to tangible and intangible assets early
  • Analyzing reputational, security, supply, and financial risk in supply chain
  • Analyzing customer satisfaction
  • Sales or CEO meeting preparation intelligence

OSINT also has numerous applications in competitive intelligence, including:

  • Headhunting
  • Predicting competitor’s new store locations
  • Predicting new competitor product releases
  • Analyzing cost structure of competitors
  • Analyzing pricing structure of competitors


Domain & Website OSINT Tools

Domain Registration DetailsWho.is
Find SubdomainsFindSubDomains.com
Webpage Change MonitoringVisualPing.io
URL RedirectsRedirect Detective
Find Related WebsitesAnalyze ID
Find Related Websites altSiteSleuth.io
Domain/IP ReputationThreatCrowd.org
TypoSquatting SearchDNSTwister
Unshorten a URLURLex.org
Website Software LookupBuiltWith.com
Map a WebsiteVisualSiteMapper.com
Website StatsAlexa.com (only good on very high-traffic sites)
Find Duplicate Content, Broken Links, Etc.SiteLiner.com
PageSpeed TestGTMetrix.com
Find a FontWhat the Font


Geolocate an IP IPLocation.net
Geolocate an IP altIPFingerprints.com

Social Analysis OSINT Tools

Google TrendsGoogle Trends
Reddit LinksReddit.com (add target site URL after /domain/)

Email OSINT Tools

Find an EmailHunter.io
Email Blacklist CheckerMXToolbox.com (does much more too!)
Has My Email Been Compromised?HaveIBeenPwned.com
Verify an EmailVerify-Email.org

Username OSINT Tools

Username lookupsNameCheckr.com
Username lookups altNameCheckup.com

Skype OSINT Tools

Skype ResolverSkypeIPResolver

Document OSINT Tools

Document Search EngineDocJax.com

Photo OSINT Tools

Reverse Image SearchGoogle Images
Image MetaData ViewerJeffrey’s Image Metadata Viewer
Photos by LocationFlickr Photo Map
OCR (image to text)SodaPDF.com

Video OSINT Tools

Security & Weather CamerasEarthCam.com
Security & Weather Cameras altInsecam.org

SEO / PPC Tools

SEM RushSEMRush.com
Google Keyword PlannerKeyword Planner

Twitter OSINT Tools

Twitter Location SearchTwitter.com (adjust URL)
Twitter Advanced SearchTwitter.com
First TweetCTRLQ.org
Twitter Profile AnalysisFollowerWonk.com
Tweet MapOmnisci.com

Reddit OSINT Tools

Reddit User AnalysisSnoopSnoo.com
Reddit User Analysis altRedditInvestigator.com
Reddit MetricsRedditMetrics.com

People OSINT Tools

People Search EngineTruePeopleSearch.com
People Search Engine altIntellus

Phone OSINT Tools

Directory of Phone DirectoriesNumberway.com
Reverse Phone Lookup411.com

Public Record OSINT Tools

US Case LawCourtListener.com
Canadian Case LawCanlii.org
Property LookupMelissa Lookup
Property Lookup altZillow
Corporation Lookup CanadaGovDataCA.com
Voter Registration RecordsVoterRecords.com
Political DonationsFollowTheMoney.org
Development DataWorldBank.org

Business Record OSINT Tools

SEC FilingsSEC.gov
Annual ReportsAnnualReports.com
Company SearchCorporationWiki.com
Company Search altOpenCorporates.com
Company ProfilesZoomInfo.com
Employee ReviewsGlassdoor.com
Jobs & ResumesIndeed.com
VAT Number ValidatorEuropa.eu

Recruiting & B2B OSINT Tools

B2B Contact SearchLeadFerret.com

Archive OSINT Tools

Internet ArchiveArchive.org
Wayback ImageryArcgis.com

Patents & Trademarks OSINT Tools

PatentsGoogle Patents
US TrademarksUSPTO.gov

Geolocation OSINT Tools

Sun LocatorSunCalc.net
Google MapsGoogle.com/Maps
Open Street MapOpenStreetMap.org
Google EarthGoogle.com/Earth
Wayback ImageryArcgis.com
Open Street CamsOpenStreetCam.org
US Geological Survey Maps – USGS.gov

Search Engines

Google AlertsGoogle.com/Alerts
Google NewsNews.Google.com
Google Advanced SearchGoogle.com/advanced_search
Duck Duck GoDuckDuckGo.com
Million ShortMillionShort.com
Press ReaderPressReader.com
Journal SearchesPubPeer.com
Academic SearchesScholar.Google.com
Code SearchSearchCode.com

Last Updated November 27 2019

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