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Competitive advantages are important things that you do better than your competitors. Combine a few and you’ll have a marketing machine that leaves your competition scratching their heads.

Conversion Rate Advantages

Your conversion rate is the % of visitors that become customers. Improving your conversion rate increases your sales without requiring an increase in advertising.

With a sufficiently superior conversion rate, your competitors won’t be able to compete with you in auction-based advertising like Google Ads.

A higher conversion rate can turn unprofitable advertising options into profitable ones. This is especially useful if you don’t have competition in that medium.

SEO Advantages

The obvious benefit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is getting more traffic from customers who are searching for your services/products.

A less obvious benefit of SEO is finding new customers who didn’t know they needed your service or product. With some astute keyword research, these could-be customers can be targeted economically because your competitors haven’t found these untapped niches.

Most SEO work is cumulative, which means a great SEO campaign can create a significant barrier to entry. These barriers make it much more expensive and time-consuming for competitors to target your keywords. A sufficient barrier creates a defensible, profitable market position.

Design Advantages

Exceptional websites convey qualities like trustworthiness, competence, and whatever else you design them to convey. Conveying these qualities starts your customer relationships off on the right foot and can improve return rates, conversions, and a customer’s lifetime value.

Perfect compatibility across devices and browsers doesn’t come easy, it takes testing. Chances are your competitors’ sites have problems on mobile devices or different browsers that are hurting them. Proper testing earns you a competitive advantage with those users and gives you an SEO advantage because Google values compatibility.

Making your website faster than your competition gives you advantages in both conversion rate and SEO. With the right page loading time, your customers are more likely to complete their conversion on your website.

PPC Advantages

A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign that is properly targeted gives you a much lower cost per conversion.

Just like a better conversion rate, a great PPC campaign can make your ad spend more profitable than your competition so that you can squeeze them out of auction-based ads. This further decreases your PPC costs while extending your reach.

Intelligence Advantages

Proper ROI tracking enables higher-impact marketing.

Competitive intelligence can be used to understand your customers more deeply and accurately. Understanding price sensitivity, changing requirements, and other features about your customers gives you an edge over the competition.

The creation of early warning systems guards a business against strategic surprises, and allows for a greater decision head-start on its competitors.

Security Advantages

Ensuring that your website isn’t hacked, taken offline, or injected with malware is critical. Cybercriminals strike websites with alarming regularity. Ensuring you are not affected when your competitors are puts you at an advantage. Lost trust, SEO damage, compromised data, and downtime all impact the bottom line.

Keeping spam out of your inbox, ensuring real emails don’t go to your spam, and ensuring that your emails don’t get sent to your client’s spam folders keeps your business running smoothly. A competitor that runs into problems in this department will be disadvantaged.

The Iris team has been absolutely fantastic to work with. We are in the process of building our third site with them, and have also engaged them to manage our SEO. Iris is market savvy and has a keen eye for design. I would recommend them without hesitation (and have!) .

Tim Summers

Tim Summers
Partner at Crease Harman LLP

Great websites. Better results.

We build websites that change businesses. Here are some results we achieved for David Aujla of


additional leads/year via forms alone.


more users in the first year of SEO campaign.


improvement in bounce rate.

Data used with permission.

I’ve worked with Spencer at Iris Business Intelligence several times, and will certainly refer him to my clients again. Every time he’s been super responsive and completed the project quickly. He makes my job easier.

Bonnie Ayers Namkung

Bonnie Namkung
Marketing Copywriter

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…During the revamping process, Spencer was always timely, had an unparalleled ability to capture exactly what I wanted and he did it with a remarkable, refreshing can-do attitude resulting in exemplary service. If you are considering a new website or updating your present site, look no further than Iris and Spencer…

David Aujla

David Aujla
Immigration Lawyer

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