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Magnetic Inbound Marketing Strategies

Local SEO

Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t pack a punch online. Local search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on improving your business’ ranking in local search results, driving customers from your area to your website.
Local SEO is no longer as simple as it once was. Not only has on-site optimization become more important than ever, but Google now uses location data to provide people with local, personalized search results without the need for them to specify their location.
To make sure that your business is seen by customers in your area, our local SEO strategies include things like:
  • On-Site Optimizations
  • Page Speed Optimizations
  • Content Development
  • Citation Management
  • White Hat Link Building
Everyone likes to know what they are paying for. We ensure that you know where your money is going by providing you with a monthly SEO report that outlines all of the key performance indicators, the work we’ve done that month, and what we’ll be doing next month.
As a recognized Google Partner Agency, we use our years of experience to create sustainable local SEO strategies that are right for your business. We use only white hat local SEO strategies that optimize your website and help your business grow.
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Global SEO

Your business is ready to take on the world -let our global SEO services connect your business with customers from around the world. Over 90% of search engine users click on a website from the first page of their search results. If your website is not on that first page, you are losing customers.

Our global SEO uses the latest in white hat SEO practices to build your internet presence, improving your ranking on search engines and driving traffic to your website.

After our keyword research determines which keywords present the greatest opportunity to your business, we run the on-page optimizations needed to make your site a good contender for ranking. That includes things like, meta data, structured data, page speed optimizations, keyword density, fixing coding errors, and much more.

Once the on-page optimizations have been completed, we use our years of experience to develop high-quality, white-hat links that drive your website up in the rankings.

At Iris, we know that everyone likes to know what they are paying for. To demonstrate the return on your investment, we provide you with a monthly SEO report that outlines all of the key performance indicators so you can make informed business decisions.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Looking for a cost-effective way to reach potential customers? Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing offers an affordable way to target customers who are already searching for the products or services your business offers. As a Google Adwords Certified Partner, we are experienced in creating budget-conscious PPC campaigns that will improve your visibility on search engines while maximizing your return on investment.

As a Google Certified Partner with Google Analytics certified staff members, our team has the experience to make your PPC campaign a success.

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Conversion Optimization

Bringing users to your business’ website is only the first step. Once they arrive, you want to encourage them to navigate to certain pages and perform certain actions. Whether that means having users sign up for a newsletter, fill out a contact form, or make a purchase, your website’s goal is to convert them into paying customers. By optimizing your business’ website, we can make it easier for user to become customers.

Our team knows the layouts and design features that resonate with consumers. We run A/B tests and analyze the results with Google Analytics to find the specific website design that most effectively turns your website’s visitors into paying customers.

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